David Kyle – Rocket Science Workshops

ROCKET SCIENCE with David Kyle

A weekend designed to blast your yoga practice out of this atmosphere!  

SEPTEMBER 5TH – 8TH, 2013 SYRACUSE & ITHACA, NY David_Humility

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“The Rocket” is a style of yoga developed by Larry Schultz in San Francisco during his travels as yoga teacher for the Grateful Dead. Rocket Yoga is rooted in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice. It is restructured from the Primary and Intermediate Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and combines the best of both words. If you’re familiar with either style of yoga and you love flowing around on your mat, you’ll love the Rocket. Appropriately dubbed the “feel-good”routine, the sequence and philosophy are well thought out, and proven to be effective over years of experience practicing in this system. These routines approach the Ashtanga Vinyasa system in an open, fun and challenging way. Workshops are for yogi’s of all levels. Just bring an openness and interest in exploring your own capacity and learning some new fun things!

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David Kyle is a senior teacher of the It’s Yoga System and founder of the Progressive Ashtanga Yoga Movement that honors the practices of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and Larry Schultz. David’s teaching is based on modifications and variations of the Ashtanga Yoga system.  His style is easy going and carries a strong physical foundation with specific detail to breath and coordination of movement.  David has a unique ability to offer verbal ques and physical adjustments that encourage students to safely explore the depth of their capacity and flirt with their edge. Whether you are looking to find more steadiness in your practice, further understand alignment, or float between arm balances, David’s workshops are sure to meet your expectations.

THURSDAY 9/5 6-8pm, SYRACUSE, Lotus Life Center. ($20).
~ Rocket Science Kit. A fun filled Rocket II class starred with a breakdown explanation of some of the infamous rocket poses. The perfect introduction to the weekend…!

~ 9am -5pm (+6:30 community class) TEACHER IMMERSION.  Insight into the brilliance of Rocket sequencing including creativity Vs. fundamentals: How to stay fresh but also stay intelligent with sequencing. Detailed explanation of approaches for teaching and assisting arm balances and inversions including handstand, forearms stand, Koundinyasana (I&II), Bakasana and all it’s variations, Astravakrasana and others. For 200RYT or students who have taken the Rocket TT. Note: (a)Location info will be emailed once you register & (b) TI participants receive a free spot in the Fri 6:30pm community class.

~ 6:30pm Rocket III Happy Hour+ Community Class ($10) @ The Yoga School, Ithaca
“Breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.” Your senses will be absorbed in this energizing, fun and challenging sequence of poses. (*email us to register, bring cash or check. arrive by 6:20 to ensure your spot)

SATURDAY 9/7 ITHACA @ Fine Spirit Studio, 201 Dey Street.
~ 9 – 11am Lift off! Pranayama & Bandhas
Combine proper breath, movement, & bandha awareness to cultivate the ability to float.  By learning breath control technique and when and how to engage which bandha’s, we’ll apply this awareness to practicing inversions and arm balances.

~3-6pm, You Take Bind
The science behind self-adjustments. Pattabhi use to say “Body Strong, Mind Weak” which we love to translate to see that the lack of flexibility does not come from the body but from the mind! We have to learn how to let go and move our bodies into these postures! Letting go of all the tension and unconscious tendencies we have to be resistant to change and open to the transformational power of this amazing practice. We will take binds to experience the feeling of release in both its good and sometimes bad forms. The science behind moving the body into postures through adjustments will be look at from the eyes of a training body therapist and how these adjustments can be as effective and healing as a massage when done properly. This workshop is great for people with shoulder tension, hip tightness and knee immobility! How do we open and protect so our yoga practice will be a long and healthy journey.

SUNDAY 9/8 ITHACA @ Fine Spirit Studio, 201 Dey Street.
~ 10am – 12pm Full Primary & ½ Intermediate Series
Need we say more…! Squeeze the lemon as we take a look at the primary and secondary series of Ashtanga Yoga. This is a complete vision of what students of the Ashtanga Yoga practice would have to look forward to learning and mastering! Most of us will practice multiple styles throughout our lifetimes and the Ashtanga Yoga method is a must addition to any Hatha yogis knowledge.

~1:30-4:30pm Defying Gravity
Building upon the entire weekend… this workshop is good for beginners looking to breakdown arm balances and inversions a bit, and for advanced students looking for space to be creative and transition smoothly between asanas.

* PRICES: unless noted, each workshop is $30-45 (sliding scale – which means you choose the price you feel comfortable and able to pay. If you pay $45 you will support the FLYA Seva program which allows us to give scholarships to those in need and offer yoga classes to low-income individuals), Teacher Immersion is $125. (aka. sliding scale cost for all 4 workshops 120-180).
* Workshops are for students with an existing yoga practice.

♥ View photos of last years workshops and training with David Kyle

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